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Google made artificial intelligence accessible for any developer

Google has opened the source code of the engine machine learning TensorFlow, which uses in many of its applications and services, including voice recognition system for smartphones, to the e-mail application Inbox for the "smart" responses, "Translator Google", in the "Google Photos" Photo Search content and search technologies to improve the quality of the result.

A rare step

Google code until opened for use on a single machine. In the future we plan to release the code, which will allow to use machine learning on multiple devices in a network.

In addition, as clarifies Wired, the company opened is not the entire code is available - but only a "tip." The code for managing the hardware infrastructure of machine learning remained closed. Foreign publications in general, noted that the opening of the code - a rare step for Google.

Objectives the step

"We hope that the opening of this engine will allow community members of machine learning - from university researchers to engineers and hobbyists - much faster exchange of ideas, as they will be able to do it directly in the code and not in the reports. In turn, this will lead to the accelerated pace of development of machine learning and help make this technology more useful for everyone ", - explained to Google.

Areas of application the code

TensorFlow code can be used for the same purposes that it serves very Google. In addition, the engine is suitable for use in supercomputers - astronomical data for analysis, the structure of protein molecules and so forth..

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Current status of machine learning:

Machine learning is now in its infancy. It still does not allow for even that is able to 4-year-old child, for example, learn the name of the dinosaur, only twice after seeing his image or understand the meaning of the phrase "I saw the Grand Canyon flying to Chicago," which does not It means the movement of this famous place in the United States in the city.

Nevertheless, even today, for example, machine learning is able to find new photos with the same people, or objects that have been previously analyzed in the pictures, but these new pictures algorithm "sees" the first time. For the development of machine learning laid a good foundation. And Google are pleased that it is now in the process will be able to engage a much larger number of people.

Of Google artificial intelligence has developed a translation system

Artificial Intelligence, which is used in the translation service from Google, has developed its own language. This conclusion was the developers, having studied the way the AI works c new language pairs for yourself.

The fact that artificial intelligence used in Google-translation, is connected to the neural network. During training developers teach him to find a correspondence between the words of the two languages - for example, between the English and Japanese, or between English and Korean. And after such a training program could translate directly from Japanese to Korean, although this is not directly taught her.

The researchers suggested that this artificial intelligence developed his system of notation, which allows him to relate concepts from different languages without translation into English. That is, the program has made its own machine language.

Recall that Google has connected artificial intelligence to the service transfers to the end of September. According to company statistics, it is possible to reduce the number of errors and inaccuracies about 60 percent. AI is also used in Google products to work with spreadsheets, documents and cases in the scheduler.

We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that artificial intelligence will help the development of both the individual areas of the industry and the development of of all mankind.

Community members cryptocurrency these are the people who can appreciate the advanced technology, populyazirovat them and perhaps even somewhere to help in the implementation and possibly with the help of these people we see blokchain and contracts with artificial intelligence, which will open a new era in the development cryptocurrency.


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